Monday, October 27, 2008

80048820 And 80048416 Error codes In Window Live Messenger

 Window Live Messenger keeps giving error code messages as you try to sign in. Often times your are requested to check your online help for solutions - with links which are not readily a solution - due to some reason of they couldn`t be grasped easily or due to long difficult procedural lines. The problem can be solved in an easy way by correcting your date and time properly -- they are the the major causes. If that`s your case you are likely to benefit from these steps to quickly get you sign into your messenger.

Step 1: On the lower right hand corner of your system is a digital counter or time. Highlight it and move the cursor to adjust Date and Time and click on it.

Step 2: On Date and Time select the correct date and time for your time zone and OK.

Step 3: Check if your internet explorer is running upon opening your internet explore page .If it loads properly open your Window Live Messenger and type in your Username and password.

Step 4: Make sure you click "remember me" on this computer and it will connect the messenger.

If it doesn`t connect after the previous steps then do the following.

Step 5: Check the date and time you entered at the date and time settings properly to know if they are properly done.

Step 6: Check your fireware configuration if it is preventing your messenger from loading and also check the security package,firewall,etc. If they are  trying to prevent signing into messenger.

* The error codes 80048820 and 80048416 are date and time associated problems