Saturday, September 6, 2008

How TO Do System Restore In Windows XP, Vista And 7

It`s necessary once in a while to do your system restore when it becomes obvious that things about applications and execution of your system are no longer familiar as before for some disturbing changes, either due to files corruption, virus/marware/spyware attacks or for other reasons.

Going about it :

Step 1:  Click Start --->Program --->Accessaries--->System tools--->System Restore.If you couldn`t locate it in that area due to the reason of maybe it`s been deleted or remove from the list, simply go to Search. Search is the Lab-lens icon on among list of your computer taskbar. Click on it and the page that will come up has two short spaces like the one of your web browser.

Step 2: Type in the first of the two spaces, click Search Now and a Welcome to System Restore page will appear.

Step 3: At the restore page mark restore my Computer to an earlier time, which is among the three items of (a) Restore my Computer to an earlier time (b) Create a restore point (c) Undo my last restoration. Click Next to go on to next page.

Step 4: Next page is a restoration calender bearing page with some basic information about it. Click on the closest best date before the incidence happened and click Next. The system will tell you to do some saving if you haven`t don`t any before for a restoration point, click Next and the computer will gradually go about the restoration.

Step 5: It will boot off and boot on. The next thing is to click OK upon receiving the page of your restore is completed. You can now test your system to be satisfied with your restoration. If not, you can go about the restoration again for the best restoration point.

NB: It's very necessary to have a restoration point(s) in your computer before going this.