Monday, September 15, 2008

ARBLI.TTF Error During Microsoft Office Installation

If you are a little surprised to witness this during installation of Microsoft word, when your system pops up an error message box, check to verify if your installation CD or connection is the culprit. At the point where the Microsoft office installation freezes up and you look below a file named ARBLI.TTF( a system font file in window) is stocked at a particular place - after seeing other Microsoft office files skipped through with speed. There is nothing much to worry about, it is a compact disk installation error. What you need to do is as follows:

(a) Taking first step to finding solution 

Step 1: Stop the installation process by clicking Cancel .

Step 2: Click My Computer and move on to Cd Rom drive E. Right- click on it and go to Open.

Step 3: Next is to click on FILE --->PFILE --->MSOFFICE--->OFFICE10--->1036--->setup.

Step 4: Clicking on Setup will give you more information about what to do. In addition to that you will have to check your installation disk for cracks, make sure to clean the surface with soft tissue and run your Cd Rom cleaner before continuing with the installation.

(b) Still experiencing the problem after the above process.

Step 1: The reason might be that you are using a copied or pirated copy of Microsoft Office Cd on a genuine Window system.

NB: There is no need tampering with your computer registry - it is not actually the most advisable thing to do. Perhaps you need to do a registry scan or defragmenting. But, the best possible way is to get a new Microsoft Office installation disk as the former one has probably gone bad.