Saturday, August 30, 2008

How To Install A Webcam

It`s surprising to know that people find it difficult to install their webcams even with the aid of instructional manuals. This is largely due to some manufactural`s fault of not given detail explanation of the processes clearly on the instructional booklets , most especially, with the popular Chinese generic cams.

Preamble: Do not connect your Cam cable(usually in the form of USB) to the port outlet of your CPU at this point in time.

Step 2: Quickly check the body of the installation cd and take note of the item that is ticked or marked. The ticked or marked item is your webcam. Put the installation CD into you cdrom drive and wait for it to load. If it doesn`t load automatically open your My Computer and double click on your cd rom which is usually disk drive E.

Step 3: Next click on setup to start installation. Follow the instruction of the wizard guide till end. And, restart your computer. NB: Do not insert the cable of your cam into the CPU yet.

Step 4: After restarting your computer, you can now insert the cable of your camera into the system port outlet and automatically the system will detect your cam device. Wait for it to complete the installation before clicking on Start and move to your Amcap to check if it works properly.

Step 5: If your system does not detect your cam device automatically, you will have to go to My Computer. Left click on it and move on to click Manage. 

Step 6: At the Computer Management click on Device Manager next is the Other Devices, left click on Cam device and on Update Device. At your Hardware Update Wizard mark "install from a list or specific location " and click next. Mark "search for the best drive at these locations " , tick "Search removable media (floppy, Cd...) " and click next. 

Step 7: After that your system will install your cam device from the cd (at this point don`t forget to click on the ticked on marked item on the body of your installation cd) and it`ll prompt you to click finish to conclude the process.

Step V:

Step 8: You can now go back to your Start and click your Ampcam or whatever name your cam bears to check.

NB: After these processes and your cam is not coming up the way it should means that your cam device must be faulty or the system port `s gone bad. It better you consult your customer care center.