Saturday, January 14, 2017

How To Fix Windows Update Optimization Error In Windows 10

In the wake of the release of Windows 10 Build 15007 to Insiders most people experience an issue that prevent their systems from downloading the update. The Windows Update Delivery Optimization getting stuck in 0% for at least 4 to 5 hours before starting to download the update for some while it doesn't progress beyond that level for others. In few cases it gets stuck in 100%  after downloading the necessary update files.

Image showing Windows Update stuck in 0% at Settings

This problem is coming from the build itself, being an evaluation version it usually has one or more bugs. One of the causes is traced to 'Potential Windows Update Database Error'. That simply means there is no possible good communication of your system with the Windows updates database server in the right way. Something is preventing it from downloading files meant to update the system at the normal rate and that is a critical issue. It could be due to tweaks you applied to your system earlier on or your system is having some Malware attack(that would require Malware scan and a registry repair). Somehow in Build 15007 there are also glitches on location based producing such effect as well, most especially, for those running the build in Windows 10 smartphones.

To find solution requires different approach, and before doing that make sure you wait patiently for 4 to 5 hours to see if the Windows Update Delivery Optimization progress bar moves at all. If it doesn't move you can take the following steps to troubleshoot it.

However, some people report emptying the 'SoftwareDistribution' folder in the 'System32' directory helps to fix the issue.

Image showing Windows Key + R in red

STEP 1: Press Windows Key + R to open 'Run' dialog.

Red arrows indicating process

STEP 2: Type or copy and paste Control Panel into 'Run' and click on 'OK' to continue.

Image of red arrow pointing to Troubleshooting 

STEP 3:  Next, click on 'Troubleshooting' at the 'Control Panel'.

Red arrow pointing to process at Control Panel

STEP 4: Under 'System and Security' click on 'Fix problems with Windows Update'.

Image of red arrows indicating process

STEP 5: Click on 'Advanced' and select ' Apply repairs automatically' (if not selected already) and click on 'Next' to  continue.

Red arrow pointing to process

STEP 6: Click on 'Try troubleshooting as an Administrator'.

Image showing red arrow indicating process

STEP 7: Click on 'Apply this fix' at the Windows Update dialog to continue.

Red arrows indicating process

STEP 8: If  the indication of 'Potential Windows Update Database Error Detected' is in red(Not fixed) click on 'Close' button.

Red arrows pointing to process

STEP 9: Repeat step 1 and type or copy and paste Cleanmgr  into 'Run', Click on OK' and click on 'OK' on the next dialog to continue.

Image showing process in red

STEP 10: Select all the small boxes close to list of items inside the 'Disk Cleanup' dialog and click on 'Clean up system Files' and click on 'OK' on the next dialog box.

Red arrow pointing to Delete Files

STEP 11: Again, select all the boxes inside the Disk Cleanup' dialog and click on 'OK' and click on 'Delete files' to continue.  After that repeat step 1 to  7 again.