Sunday, August 4, 2013

Using Windows Firewall To Block Applications In Windows 8

Windows operating system comes with its own firewall that helps you to block certain application or group of applications in your computer. This method of protection is very effective in Windows 8.  There is no guarantee it acts as a total protection against malicious software but it can protect your system against application from penetrating through. That can be any potential threatening app or site that you are suspicious of having any malicious intention.

The need to use Windows Firewall along with other system protection tools can not be over-emphasized, in the fact that why malicious software removal tools are good about detecting and removing damaging programs from your system Windows Firewall keeps them at bay. It cannot replaced malicious software removal tools position but it effectively guards against certain application and site to have a better protection.

To use Windows Firewall in Windows 8 this step-by-step information below will help you do that.

Image showing Windows 8 Settings at  Desktop

STEP 1:  Move the cursor to the extreme right corner of your system screen and click 'Settings'.

Image showing Settings in Windows 8

STEP 2: Click 'Control Panel' to continue to the Control Panel window.

Image red arrow pointing to System and security

STEP 3: Next click 'System and Security' under 'Adjust your system settings' at the Control Panel.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Windows Firewall

STEP 4:  Now click 'Windows Firewall' to continue.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Advanced settings

STEP 5:  To your left-hand side of the window click 'Advanced Settings'.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Inbound and Outbound Rules location

STEP 6:  At 'Advanced settings' dialogue click 'Inbound Rules' for inbound apps list and 'Outbound Rules' for outbound apps list.

Image showing red arrows pointing to how to block an app 

STEP 7: Look for the app you want to block from the list and highlight it and click 'Disable Rule'. It is to the right-hand side of the dialogue.