Saturday, June 8, 2013

How To Solve Windows Update 80070003 Error In Windows 8

This error message occurs when Windows Update failed to contact Windows servers to download necessary updates. It can be caused by  temporary files use by Windows to indicate the right update downloads meant for your operating system. It can also be  caused by the network adapter experiencing configuration error that needs troubleshooting.

Image of Windows Update 80070003 Error In Windows 8

At the Windows update a red shield with a white crossed inside is displayed close to the message "Some Updates were not installed" as an indication of the issue. Below it is given the number of files that failed to update. Right little below it the numbers of error found is shown and the Windows Update 80070003 error message.

If you are experiencing this error when trying to check for your system Windows update this information meant for you and will help you to find solution to it in time. To do that follow this step-by-step instruction below.

Image showing Windows + R keys

STEP 1: Press Windows + R key simultaneously to open 'Run' dialogue.

Image showing the Run dialogue 

STEP 2: Copy and paste  %windir%\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore  into 'Run' and click 'OK'.

Image showing the DataStore folder in Windows 8

STEP 3: Next the system will open the 'DataStore' folder.

Image showing how to delete file from DataStore folder in Windows 8

STEP 4:  Highlight all files inside the 'DataStore'  folder and select 'Delete' to remove everything.

Image showing Windows doing cleanup of Windows update history

STEP 5: Close the folder and restart your system to clean up Windows update history.

Image of Microsoft Fix It tool dialogue for Windows 8

STEP 6: If you are still experiencing the same problem after following instruction above visit this Microsoft Link and download  Fix It tool and follow onscreen instruction to fix the problem. It is very effective for Windows 8 system.