Sunday, June 16, 2013

Azerty Keyboard Layout Missing In Windows 8

Most Windows 8 operating systems come with Qwerty, Dvorak, Azerty etc keyboard layouts. These layouts  will often times depend on the actual keyboard layout of your system make. 

Image of an Azerty keyboard layout

It happens in rare cases to find out your keyboard layout is different from the one you have on your system, like having no Azerty layout all through when your keyboard is Azerty. 

Finding solution to your Azerty layout can be tricky sometimes, most especially, when it is not among the layout available on your Windows operating system.

If you are experiencing this rare problem this step-by-step information will help you find solution to it in time.

Image of Microsoft official site for MSKLC version 1.4 showing red arrow pointing to where to download it.

STEP 1: Visit  * Microsoft website to download  Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (MSKLC). 

Image of MSKLC installer

STEP 2:  Double-click on the MSKLC installer executable file you downloaded and follow onscreen instruction to install it.

Image showing Windows + R keys

STEP 3:  Press Windows + Key R key to open 'Run'.

Image of Run dialogue

STEP 4:  Copy and paste  control international  into 'Run' and click 'OK'.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Language preferences

STEP 5:  Under the 'Format' tab click on 'Language preferences' to continue.

Image showing red arrow pointing to option

STEP 6:  At 'Language'  window click 'Option' (it is in blue color to your left hand side of  the window).

Image showing red arrow pointing to Add an input method

STEP 7: From 'Language options' dialogue or window click 'Add an input method' under 'input'.

Image of red arrows pointing to Azerty and Add

STEP 8:  At the 'Input method' window select your language keyboard layout precedes by Azerty  and click 'Add'.

*The MSKLC can also work for Windows XP.