Thursday, May 2, 2013

How To Fix Toshiba Satellite C870-11H Keyboard Problem

This computer system is sleek and heavy.With a screen of  17.3 inch wide makes it one of the huge laptops out there. It is one of those Toshiba products in the market that runs on Windows 8 . One thing that is disturbing about it is the keyboard freezing at times. It  usually happens at the log-in screen, where it is required of you to input a password and continue to the desktop environment.
Image of Toshiba Satellite C870-11H

The amber on the corner of the surface is on but none of  the key is functioning. This problem is emanating from the BIOS as the legacy keyboard is not loaded at start-up. Even when the specific driver meant for the system keyboard is installed this problem might still be experienced in some cases.

If you are having trouble with your Toshiba Satellite C870-11 keyboard this step-by-step instruction is meant for you to forestall the problem in time .

Image of Toshiba Satellite C870 Showing power button

STEP 1:  Hold down the power button for few seconds to forcefully shut down the system.

Image of Toshiba AMI BIOS

STEP 2:  Press the power button to start the system and immediately press F2 key to enter BIOS(Basic Input and Output System).

Image of BIOS showing advanced

STEP 3:  Select 'Advanced' at the BIOS and select 'Enabled' under 'Input Device '.Press F10 to save changes and restart the system.

Image showing Computer and Manage at Desktop

STEP 4:  At your desktop right-click on 'Computer' and select 'Manage'  and click 'Device Manager'.

Image of Device Management showing Keyboard

STEP 5:  Under 'Keyboard' click the little arrow pointing to the right-hand side.

Image showing Standard PS/2 Keyboard

STEP 6: Right-click on 'Standard PS/2 Keyboard' and select 'Uninstall' from the drop-down to uninstall it.

Image showing arrow pointing to where to scan for hardware changes.

STEP 7:  Now, move your mouse cursor to the top of  'Device management' and click 'Scan for hardware changes', it is the icon with computer and a magnifying glass and wait for it to scan for changes.

Image showing Windows 8 Reestarting

STEP 8: Restart your system for changes to take better effect.

Image showing the LINK page

STEP 9: If you are still experiencing the same problem visit this LINK .

Image showing Toshiba Satellite C870-11H Keyboard (TB012KB01 Ref no.) 

STEP 10. After trying the last resort of  STEP 9 and the problem still remained, it is time for you to get a new keyboard.