Monday, January 7, 2013

Windows Update Error Code 8024401C In Windows 8

 This is a Windows code error emanating from the inability of the server to establish connection. If you have deleted or cleaned up your Windows updates lately there is evidence you may experience this error code. 

Image of Windows Update error code 8024401C in Windows 8

To solve it requires a rudimentary approach which is provided by Microsoft through a utility incorporated into the Windows system. This means is the best possible way among others, and it always works.

To do that follow this step-by-step instruction below.

Image of Windows Updates dialogue box in Windows 8

STEP 1:  At your Windows Update click 'Get help with this error' to continue.

Image of Windows Help and Support box in Windows 8

STEP 2:  From Windows Help and Support dialogue  click 'Windows Update error 0x8024401C ' link.

Image of Windows Help and Support showing  0x8024401C in Windows 8

STEP 3: The next screen will present you with information about the error code. Click 'Tap or click to open Windows Update troubleshooter' to continue.

Image of Windows Update troubleshooting as administrator

STEP 4:  Click on 'troubleshoot problem as administrator' and allow Windows to solve the error code.

Image of Windows update confirmation dialogue in Windows 8

STEP 5: Wait for the Windows to present you with  the message 'Troubleshoot has completed' and click 'Close ' to close the Windows box.

STEP 6:  Restart the system for changes to take effect.