Friday, July 20, 2012

Windows 8 Refuses To Shut Down

Haven't experienced no problem with the system lately, it becomes disturbing to be faced with an issue of inability of Windows operating system to shut down the computer.

At first, it seems the system goes into Sleep mode instead of shutting down. A closer look reveals issue to be coming from the power settings requiring some adjustment. The obvious thing is that it used to shut down before now without any change made to the default settings that came with it.

However, what must have triggered the Windows operating system to react to hibernating instead of shutting down can be pointed to different things, which one of them is Windows updates(I have found out in two occasions in Sony VAIO VPCEB System). Windows updates are integral parts of keeping Windows operating system up to date, for maintenance and help with some drivers to keep the system functioning at best possible capacity. When it's the other way round it becomes necessary to find solution with immediate effect. That is, making a change to default settings.

Meanwhile, there are errors emanating from the Power settings in Windows 8 lately, from unexpected Winlogon.exe issue to Windows operating system refusing to shut down the computer. If intending to learn something about Winlogon.exe issue visit this LINK.

If you are experiencing this condition in Windows 8 after Windows updates and confused about when it started to occur or just don't know the origin of the issue, this step-by-step instruction will help to quickly get it restored.

Image showing Power Management in Windows 8

Step 1: Click on 'Power management icon' on the system tray.

Image of Power Options in Windows 8

Step 2: Next click  'More power options'.

Image of System Settings in Windows 8 (a)

Step 3: In the 'Choose or customize a power plan'  click on 'Choose what the power button does'.

Image of System Settings in Windows 8 (b)

Step 4: At the window 'Define power buttons and turn on password protection' look a little below  and click on 'Change settings that are currently unavailable'.

Image of System Settings in Windows 8 (c)
Step 5: Clear checked on 'Turn on fast startup(recommended)' and click 'Save changes' to make changes.