Monday, June 18, 2012

Music.library-ms Is No Longer Working Problem In Windows 8

The Library works properly while using it to store information, ranging from documents to photos. The video folder has a lot videos which are saved on it and the music folder as well. Now, when trying to open any of them only to be warned by a popup-window carrying the words 'Music.library-ms is no longer working. The library can safely be deleted from you computer. Folders that have been included will not be affected' and with some curiosity wondering what has happened to the library folders.

When one takes a look at the icons on the Library folder, which are the Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos Libraries, they seem to be different from the usual defaults. A closer look shows there is change made to them by something previously done, probably unfinished task or thinking the otherwise that it could have been caused by viruses.

The cause of the problem is not far fetched. It could have been a program one installed previously. It could as well have been shutting down a program using the folder without following appropriate means. Like powering of  Windows when a program making use of any of the Library folder is working. For example, when converting video files and shutting the computer off without finishing with the converting files.

However, there is always a quick solution. The message on the warning window below explains ways to solve the problem only without detailed step-by-step information that left one pondering on where to look for appropriate solution on time.

Image of '' is no longer working warn in 
Windows 8

Image of locating Library folder at the Taskbar in Windows 8

Step 1: Close the warning message window and click on Windows Explorer folder  on the Taskbar - below your screen.

                                         Image of locating Library folder from Windows 8 Search.

Step 2: Or move the mouse cursor to the extreme right-hand side to lower corner of the computer and select search icon from the options to the right-hand side of your screen.

Image of locating Library folder in Windows 8

Step 3: At  'Run'  type Windows Explorer and press ENTER to open the Library folder.

Image of  how to delete Music library in Windows 8

Step 4: Locate ' Music' library and right-click on it.

Step 5: Select 'Delete' to delete the music library from the folder.

Image of Restore default libraries in Windows 8

Step 6: Move the mouse cursor to the left-hand side of the window and right-click on Library.

Step 7: Select 'Restore default libraries' and press ENTER .