Saturday, August 24, 2013

How To Clear Stored Skype Name and Password

The reason it is difficult to remove your signed in username and password in Skype after logging out is that there is no place provided to remove them in Skype. Unlike live messenger of old that provides a place where you can remove your username and password making your identity and privacy very secured there is no such thing to do that. It is not a flaw on the side of the developer but it is a missing useful tool that needs to be integrated into the Skype application.

Image showing red arrow pointing to stored Skype name

While there are cleaning tools used to clear stored information from the application cache which cannot guarantee total removal of your stored Skype name and password, it becomes clear to take to other means of finding solution. If you are looking for a way to remove your stored Skype name and password this information is meant for you.

To do that follow this step-by-step instruction below.

Image showing Windows + R key

STEP 1:  Press Windows + R key simultaneously to open 'Run'.

Image showing red arrows pointing to what to do at  Run dialogue

STEP 2:  Type or copy and paste  %appdata%   into 'Run' and click  'OK' to continue.

Image showing an example of Skype folder

STEP 3: Click 'Skype'  folder to open it.

Image showing how to delete files from Skype folder

STEP 4:  Right-click on the file with the Skype name or names and click delete to remove  everything. 

Image showing a cleared Skype.

STEP 5:  Restart Skype for changes to take effect.

+ The disadvantage to this that you will keep repeating same process each time you need to remove your stored Skype name and password.  To stop that clear the 'Sign me when Skype start' box.