Thursday, May 10, 2012

Install Windows 7 From Hard Drive On Mac Running XP

First and foremost, there is high guarantee  this procedure will work perfectly.This instruction is meant to find solution to last alternative for those people who couldn't use the general recommended ways of installing Windows 7 on a Mac system, like using a bootable USB or installing from a DVD optical drive. In this process it is thought the readers have Windows XP or Vista runing on a Mac system, for it to be possible.On a side note, it would not work on Mac OS X environment or a Linux on Mac.This is usually meant for intel based Mac hardware.

It's required to have ready a genuine Windows  7 ISO file, probably one downloaded from Microsoft website(for guarantee purpose) or third party sites with legality to host it. Next download Virtual CloneDrive  ,the  application that's going to be used to mount the image file(Windows 7 ISO). Make sure to be able to transfer the file to the destination system. If you have internet connection on the destination that is a bonus to the ease of downloading the file directly to your desktop. Having an internet connection in your system is very important to download updates during the process of  the installation.

This is full installation and make sure the product keys are available to activate it. The only different from regular installation by DVD and USB is the option not provided to partition the hard disk. One is only given the choice to chose between available partitions(if it is more than one partition available). It is advisable to create additional partition with Disk Management  before proceeding with the process.Check here on how to use Windows Disk Management to  partition and format the hard disk.

For the upteempth time, relax and be rest assured the system is going to be running Windows 7 sooner than thought. It can also work for non-Mac system like most netbooks or others out there.

There are more than one way of doing the installation and this is just one one of them tried with high guarantee.

Step 1:  Make sure the downloaded image file is clean and from the right source. Adulterated image might cause error emanating from the process.

Step 2: It is advisable to have the Windows image file(the downloaded ISO) and the Virtual DiskClone on the desktop where they can be located easily.

Step 3: Run the Virtual DiskClone setup to install it.

Step 4: Right-click on the ISO. To do that, highlight the file and press SHIFT+F10 and select 'Open with...' and choose 'Open with Virtual DiskClone.

Step 5: Click OK and double-click on the Virtual DiskClone on the desktop.

Step 6: Open 'My Computer' and double-click on the mounted Windows and run it. At this point Windows would require the internet connect to do update before it can proceed to the next item.

Step 7: After  the Update choose to do clean installation which is different from upgrade. Select the primary partition where you have the old Windows XP or Vista.

Step 8: Continue with the installation by following instruction on screen.Windows will restart many times before completion.

Step 9: After completing it and activating the Windows 7 try to download BootCamp version 3.1 for reliability, etc.