Sunday, May 3, 2009

Windows Live Messenger Camera Image Upside Down(Inversed Image)

Windows Live Messenger Camera Image Upside Down(Iinversed Image) is the issue.You have probably tried to debug the problem with no result. Every information you found on the internet or what you were told  do not yield any benefit. You restart your computer depressing F8 to see if  safe mode can be of useful help yet there is no difference changes. This prolem has something to do with your system camera driver you installed or perhaps there is no cam driver installed in your system. Sometime it can be caused by the inverse system tool incorporated into the windows live messenger video section. Nevertheless, the best way to get your video image upright is as follows.

Step 1: Uninstall any cam driver you installed in the system before(for those of you who have tried everything possible yet with no result).Also uninstall the windows live messenger from your system

Step 2: Goto google search engine and type ccleaner and download it to clean the system and fix the registry editor.

Step 3: Get your cam drive ready for installation. For those of you who doesn't have a cam drive you can go to google search engine to download possible one that is compactible with your system.

Step 4: Run the installation wizard of the cam driver and install it.

Step 5: Download windows live messenger from the internet .

Step 6: Check your webcam or rather the video section of your windows live messenger if is upright now.

NB: If the video image is still upside down you will have to check you cam driver installed in the sytem from the control panel and untick inverse.