Thursday, August 21, 2008

Work Offline : Work Offline And Try Again Warning Message In Windows XP

This can be disturbing at times when you are browsing.It can make your internet explorer experience looks dull and frustrating at times - as if you are offline when you are actually online. Not only that, it makes pages not to load up properly. In solving the problem for box not to keep repeating itself at different interval of your browsing the following simple steps can be taken right on your internet explorer page.

Step 1: If the box pops up again just click X at the top right corner of the little box and it will disappear immediately.

Step 2: Click File, it`s below your browser in internet explorer 7 and make sure you untick Work Offline.

Step 3: Click Tools and move on to click Internet Options. On the box that comes up click Connection, which is among different options on the list at the top of it and check Always dial my default connection

Step 4: Look below a bit at the bottom of the box of the Connection and click LAN settings. After that process proceed on to untick the very little box next to Automatically detect settings and click OK. Then close your internet explorer and open a new one, after that everything will be OK.

Step 5: Or go to your Offline File Settings and make some changes.

Step 6:  Click on My Document to open it

Step 7: On the top of your My Document page are list of items, click on Tools and move to Folder Options. 

Step 8: The Folder Option has four list of items : General, View, File ,Types and offline Files.

Step 9: Click on Offline Files, untick enable offline files , click apply and move on to OK.

If you still experience the Work-offline box popping up after this, you can uninstall your modem or router and re-install them. That will definitively solve the whole problem because your connection has probably been performing poorly and as such internet explorer has been getting the sign that you are offline.

You can do this as a last resort:

Download Firefox explorer afterward uninstall Internet Explorer( first and foremost you most download Firefox through IE before going about the non-installation). From Firefox browser you can download a new internet explorer. If the problem persist and it seems to border you so much, you can do your window installation again but don`t forget to save the important information on your computer.

NB: Don`t try and do anything about Work Offline from your registry if you are not familiar with it. It can be very risky to your computer, deleting important files or changing them.

* If all these processes don`t work, the Work Offline must be treated as a bug.