Sunday, February 21, 2016

How To Prevent BSOD In Windows 10 Build 14267.1000

Those who are participating in the Insider Preview(evaluation copy of Windows 10 operating system), to test it before Microsoft release it to the general public, could encounter Blue Screen Of Death(BSOD) during upgrade to build 14267. Which is the most recent one provided by Microsoft at the time of writing this page.

Image of the infamous Windows 10 BSOD

The culprit of the problem has been narrowed down to a particular driver for your system touchpad the Setup automatically installed to your system or downloaded by Windows update that installs it without asking for your permission. It is the ELAN synaptic driver meant for the touchpad to function properly. All versions seem to cause BSOD during and after build 14267 installation excepting for version TouchPad ELANTECH Either you wait for a fix or try that version. 

To get around it is either to do clean install and hide the ELAN touchpad driver by using a Windows tool or simply uninstall it from the 'Program and Feature' of the control panel before upgrade and hide it afterwards. That means you are not going to use the synaptic driver until Microsoft or the maker of the software provides a fix to the problem. Make sure your System maker provides supports for Windows 10. Before then you can avoid the system crash by following the steps below. 

Image indicating Windows Key + R in red

STEP 1: Press Windows Key + R to open 'Run'.

Image showing red arrows pointing to process

STEP 2: Type or copy and paste  appwiz.cpl  into 'Run' and click on 'OK' to continue.

Red arrows pointing to process

STEP 3: Click on ELAN Touchpad and click on 'uninstall' tab above it. Follow on-screen instruction to remove it from your system.

Two red arrows indicating process

STEP 4: Click on 'Start' button and select 'Settings' to continue.

Update & Security at Settings

STEP 5: Click on 'Update & Security' at Settings to continue.

Image showing Check for updates tab

STEP 6: Next, click on 'Check for updates' tab to search for Windows updates. Wait for build 14267 to be downloaded(the file usually take several minutes to download) and do the upgrade right away.

Image of red arrows indicating process

STEP 7: Type 'Hide Windows updates and driver updates' into Bing search bar. Click on 'download this troubleshooter' link to download and install it immediately. 

The procedure to hide updates indicated in red

STEP 8: Choose 'Hide Update - Windows will not install hidden updates', and click on 'Next'. 

Image of red arrows pointing to process

STEP 9: Select the little box close to 'ELAN Touchpad...' and click on 'Next'. On the next dialog click on 'Close' to exit.

Start and Settings indicated in red

STEP 9: Next, click on 'Start' button and select 'Settings'.

Update & Security 

STEP 10: Click on 'Update & Security' to continue.

Image showing Check for updates

STEP 11: Click on 'Check for updates' button to check for updates. Install without having to see the one causing the trouble among them.