Thursday, December 18, 2014

How To Fix A Blank Metro Camera Issue In Windows 8.1

The Metro Camera in your Windows 8.1 'Start' works but displays a blank screen. When you take a snap of yourself it saves it to your Cameraroll folder without any issue. 

Image of a blank Metro camera

You have done everything you know to solve the problem without resolving it. This problem is not a hardware related. The fact that your camera can take and save your images clearly to a folder without the blank screen is a proof there is no problem with the camera parts.

If you are having this trouble with the Metro camera in Windows 8.1 and want to find solution to it  immediately, without wasting time to troubleshoot the cause of the problem, this instruction is meant for you. To do that follow the step-by-step information below.

Image displaying Windows + R key

STEP 1: Press Windows + R key to open 'Run' dialog.

Red arrow pointing to dxdiag in Run dialog

STEP 2: Type or copy and paste  dxdiag  into the 'Run' dialog and click 'OK' to continue. 

Image showing red arrow pointing to location of system model at DirectX Diagnostic Tool

STEP 3: Copy your system model information. If your 'DirectX Diagnostic Tool' didn't display your system model look for label at the back of your computer for it. 

An example of a VGA driver from system maker official website

STEP 4: Look for the latest video graphic driver(VGA) for your system model from your the official system maker website, download it and install it.

Image of a Windows restarting

STEP 5: Restart your system for changes to take effect.

Image of a working Windows 8.1 Metro camera

STEP 6: Click on your Metro camera and it will show without the blank screen.