Saturday, October 4, 2014

WiFi Turning Off Intermittently With 'No Internet Access' In Windows 8.1

This is an issue where your internet connect switches on and goes limited-access after few hours. It seems to be only peculiar to your system while others on the same network are not experiencing the same problem. 

Image of WiFi 

During that time the WiFi indicator icon shows there is connection established with your router and it is functioning proper for use, to browse and carry out other activities on the net. Not too long a small yellowish warning sign is displayed on top the WiFi icon indicating there is no internet access or limited access on the system tray. When you decide to disconnect and reconnect it the WiFi establishes a connection that allows you to use your internet connection again. Not up to two hours into the use the same limited-access error  reappears thereby creating a repetitive process.

If you are having this issue with your internet WiFi connection and have tried all possible means to find solution without coming up with any better, this simple guide will be of immense use to you. You might want to remove anything you have in one of the USB ports because it's likely a potent cause of the issue. After uninstalling  and re-installing the wireless adapter driver and you still can not  find  solution taking to the step-by-step instruction would help as a manageable solution.

Note: Make sure to save your important works before attempting this instruction.

Red arrow indicating  Windows + X key 

STEP 1: Press the Windows + X key to  open 'Start Menu'.

Image of red arrow pointing to Command Prompt (Admin)

STEP 2: Click 'Command Prompt(Admin)' at the 'Start Menu' to open the command prompt.

Red arrow pointing to process

STEP 3: Type or copy and paste   netsh winsock reset  into the command prompt and press ENTER to continue.

Red arrow pointing to Successful reset

STEP 4: Wait for the command to be executed and displayed 'Successfully reset the Winsock Catalogue...'

Red arrow pointing to shutdown and restart a Windows system

STEP 5:  Type or copy and paste   Shutdown -r -t 00   into command prompt and press ENTER to restart your system.