Sunday, August 17, 2014

How To Add Apple Wireless Keyboard In Windows 8.1

Microsoft provides a feature that helps you to configure your wireless keyboard in Windows 8.1.  It is a concise means by which you can setup your Bluetooth devices easily. 

Image of Apple wireless keyboard 

Restoring an Apple wireless keyboard you once left in the storage accumulating dust or bought one to dual-use for Windows 8.1 and Mac OS X  without bothering to have a separate keyboard for both of them.  Installing it in Windows 8.1 is as easy as setting it up in a Mac system. It is even easier to set it up in a Windows 8.1 operating system than most of you can imagine.

Some of the discomforts with using Apple wireless keyboard in Windows are the function keys, they need a third party application for them to function properly, there is lack of flexibility using the directional keys in race games, finding Printscreen key combinations to be odd and the delete key is less conspicuous due to its position.

If you have the wireless keyboard and you are ready to use it in Windows 8.1 this step-by-step instruction will help you to set it up in time.

Image showing the bay for batteries by the side of the keyboard

STEP 1: Get AA alkaline batteries ready, insert them into the bay by the side of  the keyboard and screw the cover in.

Image showing Settings in Windows 8.1

STEP 2: Move your cursor to the extreme right-hand corner to bring out 'Charm' and click on 'Settings' to continue.

Red arrow pointing to PC and devices

STEP 3: Click on  'Change PC Settings' and click 'PC and devices'.

Red arrows pointing to process

STEP 4:  Next click on Bluetooth and to the right-hand side of your screen move the slide beneath 'Bluetooth' to the right to turn it on.  

Image showing power button by the side of the keyboard

STEP 5 :  Press and hold the power button on the keyboard for about 2 second  to power it on.

Red arrow pointing to Pair

STEP 6:  Wait for the Bluetooth to discover your wireless keyboard. Right-click on the  Apple wireless keyboard and click 'Pair'.

Image showing red arrow pointing to Passkey

STEP 7: Now input the passkey display on your screen by pressing the same number keys on the Apple wireless keyboard and press 'ENTER' to continue after entering all the passkey numbers.

Red arrow pointing to Windows installing Apple wireless keyboard driver

STEP 8:  Wait for Windows  to install the driver and display 'connected' below your Apple wireless keyboard.

Note: For those who have problem troubleshooting pairing error (like unable to enter passkey but pressing the enter give another number with error, 'this number didn't match...') it is likely the Apple Wireless keyboard has malfunction. It is time to get a working keyboard.