Sunday, August 18, 2013

How To Fix 'Explorer.EXE - Server Execution Failed' Error In Windows 8

The reason for the warning message can be your system is having issue with the  registry. It can  also be that malicious software has attacked your system that needs to be removed quickly. In an attempt to find solution it is required to take various ways of troubleshooting it carefully, ranging from registry repair to deleting of viruses from your computer.

Image showing Server execution failed error dialogue  in Windows 8

Few people who had this 'Explorer.EXE - Server execution failed ' error in Windows 8 found it difficult to fix due to total corruption of the registry and had to create a new Windows profile during the process of finding solution. For a much better way of finding solution is to do a system restore. For those who do not have 'Restore Point' created in their system will resort to doing Windows REFRESH using installation USB or DVD meant for your operating system (the best guaranteed approach so far). If you are taking to the process of  doing 'refresh' of your system it is good to be abreast of re-installing most of your packages manually after the process.

If you are having this trouble and don't know what to do before going for a system refresh in Windows 8 this step-by-step information will be helpful to you.

Image of  malicious software removal tool

STEP 1:  Scan your system for malicious software. On how to do that visit this LINK.  

Image showing Windows + R keys

STEP 2:   Click Windows + R keys to open 'Run' dialogue.

Image showing Run dialogue in Windows 8

STEP 3:  Type or copy and paste  regedit  into 'Run' dialogue and click 'OK' to continue.

Image showing red arrows pointing to various options to click at Registry Editor

STEP 4:  At the Registry Editor Click  'HKEY_CURRENT_USER'  next click  'Software'  and choose  'Microsoft'.  Move to  'Windows'  to select  'CurrentVersion',  click  'Explorer'  and select  'User Shell Folders' . 

Image showing how to modify Personal

STEP 5: Right-click  'Personal'  among items to the right-hand side of the registry and select  'Modify'.

Image showing red arrows pointing to various steps at Edit String

STEP 6: Copy and paste  %USERPROFILE%\Documents into the space under  'Value data'  and click  'OK'.

Image showing red arrows pointing to how to exit Registry Editor in Windows 8

STEP 7: Click 'File' at the top left-hand corner of the Registry Editor and click 'Exit' at the drop-down menu to exit it.  

Image showing the trusted site to download ccleaner

STEP 8: Download ccleaner from Filehippo ,  install it and clean your system registry.

Image showing system restarting in Windows 8

STEP 9:   Restart your system for changes to take effect.

STEP 10:  If you are still experiencing the warning it is time to refresh your system. To do that visit this LINK.