Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Problem of Class Not Registered In Windows 8

This is  browser-related error. It is the inability of your link to open a default browser due to some problem with the browser itself. It can be it is corrupted or it is not working at all.  

The error message usually comes up at a point when you try to open up any link from either a package help link or within the Windows operating system on-line link.

For example, when you try to connect to a Windows personalization web page from the link provided by Microsoft at 'Personalisation'  and you are  prompted by a dialogue with the error message,', Class not registered '.  

Image showing Class not registered dialogue in Windows 8

To find solution to the Class-not-registered error follow the instruction below.

Image of internet browser

STEP 1:  Check all your internet browsers to make sure they are all working by opening them one by one.

Image of browser having problem 

STEP 2:  The one that gives error or can't open among them is the culprit that need change or repair.

Image showing how to change a default browser Google Chrome

STEP 3: Change the default browser from the corrupt browser to a working one. On how to change your default browser visit this LINK.

Image of a working browser from Personalisation link in Windows 8

STEP 4: Try the link again to make sure it works this time around.