Monday, June 18, 2012

Winlogon.exe - NO DISK Error In Windows 8

A surprising error message of 'Winlogon.exe - NO DISK.There is no disk  in the driver. Please insert a disk into drive G:'. It is not always going to be G: - G in this case could represent any drive. It is displayed in Windows 8 just about the time when one is trying to shut down the system. The computer remains there waiting for any action. Clicking on 'Try Again' the window blinks, upon clicking on 'Continue' it also blinks and clicking on 'Cancel' it returns with the same error message. While clicking on Cancel again and again the window forces itself to shut the system down.

The thought that comes to mind after seeing the error message is virus has probably infested the system. Obviously, there is something to be aware of, that is, the genuine Winlogon. exe file provided by Microsoft is not larger than 504KB and always reside in the System 32 directory. If most of the searches done on the information about the file say it is a virus associated file, which can likely be but not always the case, there is a need to do system virus scan. When the system is scanned only to find out there is no single virus present that tends to make one looks for other means of finding solution. 

The registry seems to be in good condition and it has been alright since the Windows setup - no error or corrupt registry message has emanated lately or detected.

If  at the time one is getting this error message when one is about to shut down the system there is a quick solution by following the steps below.

Image of Winlogon.exe error message

(a) It is caused by malicious software

Visit this  LINK on how to remove malicious software from a system.

(b) There is no malicious software in my System.

Step 1: Restart your system and right-click on the power management icon( on the system tray - at the extreme end right-hand corner of your screen).

Image of locating  Power Options at the system tray

Step 2: Click 'Power Options' and  click 'Change Power settings'.

Image of a Power Option window 1

Step 3: Move on to click 'Change advanced power settings'.

Image of Plan Settings windows

Step 4: At the 'Power Options' windows look for 'Power buttons and lid'.

Step 5: Click on the small + sign at the left side to show hidden information.

Step 6: Select 'Power button action' and make sure both 'On battery' and ' Plugged in' are changed to sleep rather than shut down. If it is sleep already just move down a bit, click 'Restore plan defaults' and click OK.

Image of the Power Options window 2

Step 7: Restart the system for changes to take effect.